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Schinoussa - Raw Vegan Paleo Protein 454g Chocolate

Schinoussa - Raw Vegan Paleo Protein 454g Chocolate

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  • Raw vegan paleo protein has been designed to assist a vegan in achieving higher protein in the diet.
  • The 3 phase proteins are able to achieve a complete amino profile and the brown rice protein is isolated so the remainder of the rice is not included.
  • The proteins are fermented for enhanced digestion and absorption with minimal digestive issues as associated with other plant proteins.


  • Organic Fermented Pea, Organic Fermented Brown Rice, Organic Hemp, Chocolate Flavour, Cocoa Powder, Stevia. 

Product Benefits

  • Great for exercise recovery, protein energy and great fiber count.
  • Easy to digest and no bloating
  • Great to add to smoothies as a breakfast shake.
  • Note This Plant Based Protein is leading in fiber grams per serving vs the competition.

Product Highlights

  • Fermented organic pea and brown rice proteins, organic hemp• 20g of high plant based bioavailable protein• 0 sugar, 6g fiber

Suggested Use

  • It is recommended to start with half a scoop when starting with this product and slowly work your way up to a full scoop.