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Regular Flow Pads

Regular Flow Pads

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  • 100% Skin Friendly, No fragrance or lotion added, very absorbent, anion strip with antibacterial tourmaline detoxifier
  • Eco - Certified, Vegan Approved
  • pH friendly to skin, toxin-free, fragrance-free, non-chlorine bleached.
  • Non-toxic adhesive strips to stabilize the liner.

Regular Flow Pads with anion strip.

  • GENIAL DAY Eco-certified pads were designed with YOU in mind - to help alleviate the common problems associated with PMS and vaginal infections.
  • They are the healthiest, safest, most absorbent, comfortable and eco-friendly pads out there.
  • The new anion strip technology with tourmaline allows for fragrance-free odor control which also eliminates toxic chemicals.
  • GENIAL DAY eco-certified pads are also clinically tested for bio-compatibility, so they won't cause irritation.
  • 10 pads per pack


  • Cotton and/or rayon, anion strip with tourmaline mineral, airlaid paper, polyolefins, adhesives.